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Friday, December 8, 2023

Police unhappy with Fedonos slur

Paphos Mayor Fedonas Fedonos on Tuesday ignited the ire of the police after making what they perceived to be disparaging comments about the Force during the course of a television programme.

During the course of CyBC’s ‘Mera Se Mera’ programme, Fedonos and Akel MP Evanthia Savva commented on the police’s actions in connection to the alleged bribery of Aradippou Municipality officials in connection to the provision of permits for a building being used by a US company active in the hydrocarbon sector.

The mayor has spoken to the media about the alleged €50,000 kickback but said he did not want to provide police testimony because statements he made in connection to other cases in the past had allegedly been leaked to the involved parties.

Η ταχύτητα σκοτώνει

In an official statement, the Police described the mayor’s comments about the quality of work being carried out by the police in connection to the case as being “unfortunate and insulting”.

“The police have time and time again proved their ability, that is why there have been on-going successes in a variety of serious cases which have been publicised in recent years,” the statement said.

The police added that: “Improper handling and isolated cases of corruption must not cancel out the work being carried out”.

The statement also noted that the police top brass had clearly stated it was fighting corruption and that action to this end was already underway.

“In spite of our repeated efforts for some information, even verbal, to be put forward, Mr. Fedonos continues to refuse and insists on making public statements, blaming the police for delays and cover-ups”.

He said that Deputy Police Chief Andreas Koushioumis had only last Thursday and again on Monday visited Fedonos and asked him for more information: “Instead Mr. Fedonos preferred to tell Mr. Koushioumis that there is information in his statements to the media which we can use”.

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