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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Paphos man arrested, after daughter claims sexual abuse

A Paphos man has been arrested, after police received a complaint from his 15-year-old daughter, that he sexually abused her, SigmaLive learnt on Monday. 
SigmaLive has also learnt that the girl filed the complaint with authorities on Sunday, where she said that she was abused recently.
The man has been arrested and the case is being investigated, SigmaLive learnt.
This is the second case of sexual abuse that has arisen in the last few weeks in Paphos, with authorities having arrested a mother, who is suspected of giving her blessing for her partners to sexual assault her 9-year-old daughter.
SigmaLive has also learnt that the woman herself abused the girl and her son.
The woman has since been remanded into custody, and the children have been taken into the care of social services, as the case is being investigated.

Source: sigmalive.com/en

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