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Morphou residents hand in resolution to P5, demanding return to their hometown

The Mayor of the Turkish occupied town of Morphou, members of the Municipal Council, leaders and representatives of political parties and other associations of the occupied town have reiterated their determination to continue their struggle for the reunification of Cyprus and the return of all the refugees to their homes.

A delegation of Morphou Municipality, accompanied by representatives from various associations and political parties, visited on Tuesday the Embassies of the UNSC five permanent members and handed in a resolution demanding for the international community to exert pressure on Turkey to change its stance and contribute towards the Cyprus solution.

The resolution points out that Cyprus should remain an independent state, with a single sovereignty and international personality and one citizenship. No country, its stresses, should be given the right to intervene in the internal affairs of the state and Cyprus should not be held hostage to Turkey or other foreign interests.

Η ταχύτητα σκοτώνει

Speaking to the press following a visit to the Embassy of Russia, Morphou Mayor Charalambos Pittas said that a clear message is sent in every direction that the residents of Morphou will continue their struggle to secure their right of return to their homeland.

Cyprus, he said, as a full member state of the UN and the EU, does not need guarantees from any foreign country, especially from Turkey, whose troops occupy the island’s northern part.

Guarantees, he underlined, are outdated and those who think or make any plans to maintain guarantees, insult both the UN and EU. He said that the solution must restore peace and security on the island.

Pittas said that “42 years after Turkey`s second offensive against Cyprus, it is even more urgent to stay united and have consensus so that we can continue the struggle for a solution.” He also referred to occupied Famagusta, the so called “ghost town“, pointing out that the situation there is an affront to the whole of Europe.

On August 14, 1974, Turkish troops, having invaded on 20th July, launched a second offensive against Cyprus, as peace talks were still continuing. This resulted in the occupation of 37% of the Republic`s territory, including the town of Famagusta on the east and Morphou town on the northwest.

Turkey has so far refused to withdraw its troops from Cyprus, in spite of repeated calls from the UN, the EU and other international organisations, claiming they remain on the island to protect the Turkish Cypriots.

The latest round of UN-facilitated peace talks resumed in May last year, between President Anastasiades and the leader of the Turkish Cypriot community Mustafa Akinci. Talks are set to resume in earnest on August 23, after a brief recess for the summer holidays.

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