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Human stories told by the sea in Pafos


They say that to feel better, all we need is more vitamin sea. But the Sodap Beach in Paphos will be going one step better starting tonight, when it will screen films to do with people’s stories, lives and the places that define them.

For the third year the See Fest: Cinema by the Beach event is being held. Last year the theme of the cinema festival was gastronomy, love and good food. This year the five films to be screened have more to do with towns and people, the meeting of paths and the loss of ties forever.


The cinema festival starts tonight with the 2004 German comedy Alles Auf Zucker (Go for Sugar). The comedy is about modern Jewish identity in present-day Germany, and it uses Jewish journalist Jakob Zuckermann – who lives in Berlin – as the vehicle to touch on the theme. The journalist says he wants nothing to do with being Jewish, after his mother and brother left him alone in East Germany at a young age. So when he learns of his mother’s death he acts like he doesn’t care. But there is a catch, his younger brother and the rest of his family members pay him a visit to keep with the traditional mourning customs.

Η ταχύτητα σκοτώνει

The next film in the festival, to be screened on Wednesday, is the 2012 Woody Allen romantic comedy To Rome with Love. Starring Roberto Benigni and Alec Baldwin, the film tells four unrelated stories that all take place in Rome. Some stories are about young love, some new experiences and adventures, some with self-realisation and others with revisiting a city and a life lived before.

Η ζώνη ασφαλείας σώζει ζωές

The 2009 Greek comedy drama Akadimia Platonos (Plato’s Academy) is up next on Thursday. Starring Antonis Kafetzopoulos and Anastasis Kozdine, the film zooms in on the life of a shopkeeper who discovers something about his family’s past when his mum takes on new employment.

The festival’s next stop is in Spain with the 2006 crime drama Volver (Come Back). With Penelope Cruz in the leading role, the film follows the life of two sisters who lost their parents in a fire three years ago. The one sister returns to the small town they grew up in, to attend their aunt’s funeral, and manages to take home with her their mother’s ghost. The other sister has to deal with a murder. Her partner tried to rape her daughter, claiming that he is not her biological father and the young woman stabs him in self-defence. Apart from holding onto these new secrets, the sisters also have others ones in their past.

The film will be screened on August 19.

The last film in the festival is Paris, je t’aime (Paris, I Love You). The 2006 French romantic comedy will be screened on August 24 and brings together 18 short films set in different arrondissements of Paris. The unique aspect of the film is that it has an international ensemble and was directed by 22 directors.

All films start at 8.30pm and are free of charge. All foreign films will be accompanied by English and Greek subtitles.

See Fest 2016- Cinema on the Beach
Film screenings. August 5-24. Municipal Beach Sodap, Paphos. 8.30pm. Free. Tel: 26-932017

Source: cyprus-mail.com

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