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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Cyprus sizzles as temperatures hit 41°C


Unless you live in a cave on Troodos Mountains or have lodged yourself comfortably inside an air-conditioned room, there is no hope but to endure a few more extremely hot days in Cyprus at least until Wednesday.



Officials are calling Monday’s weather a “mini heat wave” with yellow warnings issued throughout the island, prompting the Health Ministry to publicise a list of guidelines to protect people from the heat.

Η ταχύτητα σκοτώνει

According to officials, inland temperatures on Monday reached 41°C, while the west coast enjoyed temperatures around 33°C. Other coastal areas managed to stay at or below 35°C and the mountains kept a cool temperature of just 30°C degrees.

Η ζώνη ασφαλείας σώζει ζωές

The hot weather, officially registering one of the hottest days of the year, is expected to stay put in the next couple of days and up until Wednesday, while temperatures are expected to drop slightly by Thursday.

Due to strong heat, the Nicosia Municipality has announced operating hours at its Multipurpose Centre downtown near Famagusta Gate on 40 Nikiforou Foka Street.

The centre operates as a relief facility climate-controlled rooms, which people can visit between 7:30am in the morning and 6pm in the evening. The facility has trained staff offering cool drinks and a nice place to escape from the heat and cool down.

When temperatures soar, the public is advised to take all the necessary precautions and should:

Avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun and heavy exercise, while areas with shade should be preferred. It is also advisable to avoid crowded areas.

Wear light clothing and make use of a hat and sunglasses if you are to be exposed to the sun.

Avoid alcoholic drinks, caffeine, and heavy foods which contain fats, seasonings, and chocolate.

Drink plenty of water and don’t forget that pets also need to have access to fresh, clean, cool water at all times.

Use a fan or air-conditioner during the hottest parts of the day, while it is best to keep windows open during the night.

Take plenty of showers during the day.

People with respiratory or heart-related problems should consult their doctors in case they need to take additional precautions.

Sensitive groups such as young children, the elderly and pregnant women should take particular care.

Source: in-cyprus.com

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