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Choulou Photographer shines in image contest

A Choulou photographer has received a special commendation for his entries into an island-wide photography competition organised by the Association of Civil Engineers of Cyprus.

Chris Parsons was one of six entrants who received commendations for their images which competed in the theme of “Doors and windows under Cyprus”. He was the only British person who took part to be commended for his work.

“I have always had a love of old doors, their many different colours, shapes, textures and character and so it was very enjoyable photographing them all; and to be recognised in what was such a prestigious competition in Cyprus was beyond my wildest dreams,” he told The Cyprus Weekly.

Η ταχύτητα σκοτώνει

The competition was held in cooperation with the Cyprus Photographic Society, the Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK) and the Federation of Associations of Building Contractors Cyprus (OSEOK). It was open to amateur and professional photographers.

The competition garnered 148 photos from 18 people.

The six-member jury consisted of representatives from the Association of Civil Engineers of Cyprus, the Federation of Associations of Building Contractors and the Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus.

The first prize was awarded to Mary Pantechi, second to Peter Fiakkas, while joint third went to Giorgos Neophytou and Kalia Christou.

The aim of the competition was to highlight the different kinds of doors and windows that exist in Cyprus from traditional to modern styles.

The contest photos will form the basis of a database for an exhibition entitled ‘Doors-Windows in Cyprus’ and a 2017 calendar containing the best 12 images to be issued by the Association of Civil Engineers.

Parsons is a retired photo-journalist who has continued to contribute work to local media on a voluntary basis.

He has also been involved in various community photography projects, including producing cards for Archangel Michael Hospice in Mesa Chorio and documentation of village works in Choulou where he lives.

Source: By Lucie Robson/ in-cyprus

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