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The ultimate tourist experience from Cyprus with the spectacular Royal Caribbean!

The Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas based in Limassol had its first trip since the Coronavirus pandemic started.

The ship, after two and a half years, wet its stern again with the waters of the Mediterranean sea and set to travel to Rhodes. Every travellers experience with one of the 26 Royal Caribbean cruise ships is unique from the moment you receive your booking information until your return to Limassol Port.

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The company’s cruise ships that “sail” the oceans and seas of the whole world provide the visitor with a unique experience. It is not only the comfort of the space, the many decks but also the plethora of experiences that make the trip with the Royal Caribbean unique as a whole.

Starting with the food, which is offered on almost all the decks of the ship even in the entertainment section.

Η ταχύτητα σκοτώνει
Ας πάρουμε όμως τα πράγματα από την αρχή σε ότι αφορά το Rapsody of the Seas.


The buffet for breakfast and lunch, but also the many different restaurants of the ship, make it like a five star hotel on board which is definitely different from the norm.

The guests on one of the Royal Caribbean  ships has the opportunity to enjoy Cypriot, Greek and international cuisine buffet or more specialized flavors of the Italian and Japanese cuisine in an a la carte menu as well as an excellent steak house restaurant for the gourmet diners.

The only thing for sure is that the delicious flavors of the ship’s restaurants will captivate you because a company like Royal Caribbean certainly does not hire a simple and ordinary chef for its kitchen. At any time at there are various places where you can “take refuge” for food.

Cafes / Bars

On the ship both during peak hours, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as during the remaining hours, cafes operate on both the 4th, 6th and 9th floors. From ice cream parlour, bar, cafeteria to open bar or spot for FREE coffee and ice cream by the pool, the guests of  Rhapsody of the Seas can relax admiring the endless blue ocean and getting the necessary vitamin C that the body needs.

Places of entertainment – recreation

Live music, live music from Broadway, theatres, piano, dance and entertainment nights are an integral part of the Royal Caribbean’s ultimate travel experience.

The guests can be informed about any event or other artistic activity with a simple click from their mobile phone which enables them to be informed and to schedule the program on a daily basis so that they do not miss anything.

In the afternoon and evening, cinema lovers can enjoy a huge outdoor cinema on the giant screen by the pool on the 9th deck while enjoying the sunset or the starry sky.

Art but also shopping

On the Rhapsody of the Seas there is an open Art Exhibition with unique pieces that the visitor can obtain.

At the same time there is a plethora of clothing, footwear and of course jewellery, cosmetics and electronic stores that one can visit.

Souvenirs are also available to make your experience unforgettable.


The Casino experience on each ship is unique for many of the visitors. The Casino Royale of Rhapsody of the Seas is open all hours of the day for those who want to try their luck, but everyone needs to know their limits and take action in advance.

Health- beauty- gymnastics

Health and beauty could not be missing from your trip with the Royal Caribbean . In addition to the Jacuzzis on the 9th deck, guests can enjoy their spa or a relaxing massage on board in an ancient Egyptian themed room that gives you the feeling that next to you you will see Cleopatra!

At the same time those who wish can exercise on the last deck, do their jogging or just walk as they would every day in the park of their neighbourhood.

Cruise and children

When a family is travelling on a cruise it’s main concern is that their children are entertained and enjoy the experience. Royal Caribbean at Rhapsody of the  Seas , as on any of its ships, takes care of productively filling the time for young children by offering them, with trained teaching staff, various creative activities at all hours of the day.


A very important part of the travel experience, from the unique application of the company, with which you can tour the whole ship but also be guided in real time for everything that happens around you on one of the eleven decks.

Cleaning / hospitality

An important condition for each of us who travels is to make sure that this experience will be combined with conditions that will be even better than home.

Spacious and clean cabins, with balcony and view, cleanliness and service both inside the cabin and in common areas that do not go unnoticed.

In fact, because we still live in the period of the coronavirus, it should be noted that at every entrance and exit, at every point in the elevators, in restaurants and cafes, but also in the corridors, there are many stations which provide hand antiseptic.

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