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11th International Golden Aphrodite Films 2016


The Cyprus International Film Festival presents eight  first feature films from new film directors Australia, France, Greece, Portugal, USA, Japan and UK.

Eight interesting stories all affected beyond the crisis and the problems caused by the escapism that has the man either for reasons of emotional or for economic reasons, as well as the power of the human soul to find the courage to survive.
Game of Checkers – Patrícia Sequeira, Portugal, 2015, 87′
Synopsis: Following Marta’s wake, her five best friends decide to spend the night at a rural tourist getaway that Marta never got around to opening. That long night becomes a maze-like journey through their interconnecting friendships, where each reveals herself as it was the last day. On the eve of the burial, the talk is about life and a friendship that survived it all. But will this friendship be able to survive death?
Jasmine – Dax Phelan, USA, 2015,   80′       Q+A
Synopsis: A year after his wife’s murder, once-successful Hong Kong businessman Leonard To (Jason Tobin) is still reeling from the tragedy. Having lost his job, friends and all sense of order in his life, Leonard becomes obsessed with a mysterious stranger he sees at his wife’s grave, believing him to be responsible for her death..
Psychoromantic – Wataru Shibata, Japan, 2015, 70′
Synopsis: A college boy, Tsubasa often enjoys chat with his best friend, Makoto, and Makoto’s girlfriend, Risa. However, he suffers financially due to a dismissal of his father from a company to work for, so his friend, Makoto tests his sexual ability by sleeping with him, to introduce him to a money making industry of prostitution. Then, relation of the three dramatically changes.
The Open – Marc Lahore, France, 2015, 114′
Synopsis: Bombs have exploded. The war is global. Yet André and Stéphanie won’t give up: Roland Garros is their life, the reason why they live – their history. And come what may, they will organize their Open, whatever the cost. Even without rackets, even without balls, by the sheer strength of their faith. They believe in it. So hard they could even convince Ralph – a guerrilla from the plain – to join them, lay down his weapons, take his racket once more and try his luck in the final: Roland Garros! Three misfits, playing air tennis in the middle of nowhere, strive to dream – even though life is turning into a farce, even though the world is coming to an end.
Capsule – Andrew Martin, UK, 2016, 92′
Synopsis: 1959.Guy is an experienced British fighter pilot who is in command of Britain’s first manned mission to space. He has trained for this for three years at the height of the Cold War and now he is alone in space, suffering Hypoxia, with a malfunctioning capsule. He has limited contact with the UK, some unusual communication with the US and some unorthodox communication with Tyuratam deep in Soviet Russia. Can he get home? Who will help him? Will he make the right choice?
Utopia – Nikos Kourou, Greece, 2016, 78′
Synopsis: Once upon a time, Achilles, an average, hard-working man, loses his job and is forced to face the reality of the world in which he lives. He sees the corruption that has overtaken his city, the greed of those who run it, and the pain and poverty that has fallen upon the innocent … until one day he meets a strange little man who offers to show him a way to change his world. In desperation, Achilles accepts the little stranger’s invitation, and begins an odd journey, with the help of a few friends, to send a message to The Boss that they have had … enough! Achilles, an average, hard-working man, loses his job … but finds an odd little man who offers to help him change the corruption and greed that has overtaken Achille’s city. With the help of a few friends, and this odd little stranger, Achilles sets out on a journey to send the message that they have had enough!
Lewis & Klarq – Neil Butler, USA, 2016, 88′
Synopsis: Aaron Clarke, a low-level music executive living in LA, returns to his hometown to help reach his alcoholic friend Lewis Balcolm. After an awkward intervention goes bust, Lewis leads Aaron out for a night of local music and mayhem. Over whiskey and pills, the men unpack the lingering injury surrounding their own band – a synthpop duo they formed as teenagers. When their differences come to a head once again, Aaron turns his back on Lewis only to encounter Lewis & Klarq’s biggest remaining fan. By showing him just how much their old songs mean to her, this diehard devotee inspires Aaron to reach his damaged friend through the passionate music they once made together as kids. With his abandoned creativity now threatening to resurface, Aaron heists his vintage synthesizers from his parents’ storage shed and sets the stage for Lewis’ real intervention – not to mention his own.
Dream of a Shadow – Nikitas Ballas, Australia, 2016, 100′
Synopsis: Spiros is one of the many new migrants from Greece who seek a better life in Australia. But as soon he realizes, new dreams often come at a great cost.


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