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Minister says Air Traffic Control services to move to a new building 

Transport Minister Vassiliki Anastasiadou said that procedures will be launched soon to move Air Traffic Control services to a new building in Kokkinotrimithia, close to the capital, Nicosia, and to acquire the necessary equipment.

Anastasiadou, accompanied by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Alecos Michaelides, visited earlier the existing Nicosia Area Control Center, and was briefed by Civil Aviation officials about their work. She praised the Department’s “serious and responsible” work, noting that the appropriate workplace and equipment were necessary, in order to meet modern-day challenges.

Speaking in Kokkinotrimithia, Anastasiadou said the work of the Civil Aviation Department had to do with passengers’ safety, Cyprus’ reputation and the island’s air connectivity. In summer time, the Control Center handles 1,400 flights every day, she said and pledged to work in order to facilitate their work.

Η ταχύτητα σκοτώνει

She said moreover that the existing Control Center was excellent when it was built, but a new place and new equipment are now required. According to the Minister, Civil Aviation services were not able to move to the new building “for procedural and other reasons.” Our effort is to work towards launching the right procedures soon for the transfer of services here and for the acquisition of the right equipment, she underlined.

The building in Kokkinotrimithia is temporarily used as a training center and the Minister had the chance to talk with future Civil Aviation officials who are trained in flight simulators.

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