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Friday, September 25, 2020
Αρχική ENGLISH VERSION FINANCIAL NEWS Licence granted for Limni Bay according to Cyprus Limni Resorts & Golf Courses Plc

Licence granted for Limni Bay according to Cyprus Limni Resorts & Golf Courses Plc

After several years of working and a multitude of specialised studies, Cyprus Limni Resorts and Golf Courses Plc has announced that it has received a building permit the Limni Bay resort in the Limni area of Polis Chrysochous, as it has satisfied the requirements as laid out under the national enviromental protection law, as well as all the recommendations by the European council with regards to the safeguarding of the turtles natural habitat.

According to the announcement, the Limni Bay resort will include 2 18-hole Signature golf courses, a club house for each golf course, a luxury hotel, villas and housing units, leisure facilities, a Limni historical museum and a huge network of walk and bike paths, as well as extensive landscaping.

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