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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Giant Aphrodite portrait created on Paphos beach

A Cypriot painter and Russian sculptor have created a giant portrait of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, on a beach in Paphos.

Katerina Foukara and Arsentiy Lysenkov, who lives in Kissonerga, created the portrait at the beach in front of the Anassa Hotel in Latchi.
“We collected various types of stone from different areas of Paphos,” read a joint statement.
“The materials [stone, water and soil] relate to the three elements digging into our primordial feelings; the stone which stays constant and unchanged eternally unlike water which has movement and constantly moving, and finally the soil is always working.
“In the course of time the project will be altered after it is exposed to the elements leading to differentiated form.”13729032_10154091212839584_5242054336204032861_n 13775431_10154091212854584_5106393968772154375_n 13754476_10154091260739584_5458020884420700385_n 13718764_10154091260764584_6080578360405481875_n 13690802_10154091261084584_7934924284207703840_n
Source: sigmalive.com
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