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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

8-day detention for mother who allowed daughter’s abuse

Paphos District Court issued an eight-day detention order, today, to a 32-year-old mother and her 35-year-old partner for sexually abusing her nine-year-old daughter.
According to SigmaLive information, the case will be transferred to Limassol District Court to continue the process behind closed doors.
The transfer is due to the fact that the mother is originally from Limassol, after moving to Paphos in recent years. The woman’s partner is originally from Paphos.
SigmaLive has learnt earlier today that the mother gave her ‘blessing’ for her partner to allow him to sexually assault her daughter.
Since 2012, the mother is alleged to have allowed her partner to sexually abuse her daughter, while also participating in the crime at times, SigmaLive learnt.
Police arrested the pair yesterday afternoon after receiving a complaint from an officer at the Welfare Office.
According to the complaint, the mother and the 34-year-old have been under investigation since 2014 and reportedly began assaulting the nine-year-old since 2012, when she was just five years old.
SigmaLive learnt that more than one partner of the 32-year-old may have also sexually assaulted the child.
The child is currently under the Welfare Office’s care.
The Commissioner for the Protection of Children’s Rights, Lyda Koursoumba, has said the crime is the “most heinous” to have occurred in the last few years.
She told SigmaLive that the evidence of the case is shocking, as it deals with a young child and there are testimonies the mother of the child is involved.
Koursoumba added that there is a good legal framework in place to deal with such cases, and that strict sentences are placed on the issue.
She noted that all services (psychological, police, and welfare services) have an obligation to support the child and the family in such instances.
Regarding the case of the child, Koursoumba said that she has filed a request with the social services to answer specific questions, which deal with the cooperation between other services and the goals set by officials to deal with the child’s issue.

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